How to Travel Conveniently to Mersing, Malaysia

Mersing is a little town in eastern area in Johor, Malaysia. The place is small – you can’t compare it to the lively and busy Kuala Lumpur – but the little town has its own appeal and unique characteristics. If you want to enjoy a quiet coastal city with a rich marine life and also a unique culinary appeal, you have come to the right place. But how to get there? What if you are traveling by a bus to Mersing?

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Bus Travel and Its Arrangement

Traveling by bus has never been easy like this – and it is safe to say that it is also convenient. Today’s bus fleets are mostly convenient. You can enjoy the reclining seat, the plush seat, the AC, the newest entertainment system, and so much more – and you don’t have to dig deeper into your pocket to get this kind of exclusive service. In fact, most of the bus services are similar to the services from the flight companies and yet the bus fare is more inexpensive.

Buying the ticket is relatively easy. Just go to and you can always buy the tickets online. Managing the booking and the payment is easy. When you have made the payment, you will get a notification and the purchasing code that you will have to show to the bus crew during your departure time. It’s that simple.

The bus fleets are available in various schedules and points. Do you want to go to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur? Feel free to arrange it. Do you want to go from Singapore to Mersing? There are some options of fleets available for you. In short, you can always manage and plan your trip conveniently and easily without complication. As long as you have the internet connection, you should be good to go. Who says that traveling is always costly? If you can make a clever and wise choice, you can explore around without hurting your wallet.


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