Having a Good Time by Taking the Bus from Singapore to Port Dickson

Having a good time in the foreign country is such a nice thing to do. Do you know that you can always pick two countries when you have a chance in a long holiday? Let’s take an easy example such a taking holiday from Singapore to Malaysia. Well it sounds so easy but I can guarantee you that you will have such a nice time to spend for in both these countries. So, what’s so special about these country?

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The first thing you can get is that you can take the bus from Singapore to Port Dickson, Malaysia. This means you will spend a little money to have a good road trip from Singapore to Port Dickson. You can definitely only spend for about SGD35.00 to make sure you can get the best view of the road trip and also the comfortable seats. Then what else about it?

A special view from Singapore to Port Dickson

Once you decided to have a road trip from Singapore to Port Dickson, Malaysia, you can get all those beautiful and nice view on the road. There are lots of fresh air to breathe and also the beautiful green trees along the road you can enjoy with. The fresh wind blows and also the clear blue sky will be the nice accompany for your road trip.

In the middle of road trip, which you will spend for about 3 hours 45 minutes, you can enjoy to have some snacks and drinks to charge your energy up. You can even stop for a tourist information and get some perfect location to have a nice traveling time. You know this could be the perfect thing you can get once you decided to have a road trip with minimalist budget.

So are you ready to have a nice road trip?


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