Enjoying Travel with the Bus

People prefer traveling by plane to traveling by land because of the speed and the time efficiency. However, if you aren’t in a rush and you are having a holiday (and you DO want to…

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Fun Train Experience

If you want to travel to Ipoh, there are a lot of different means of transportation that you can choose, from the regular bus service to the comfortable and convenient train service. In fact, there…

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Online Bus Ticket in ASEAN

We all know that technology has been influencing all of us and it made us so strong and tough to face the stuck world where we need so many things to get ease. Somehow we…

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bus tickets

Cheap Cost to Travel around Countries

If you are planning to travel around countries at least 3 countries in a week, so the best way to get it using the bus and the destinations are Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei Darussalam. Although…

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Brunei Darussalam

Using the Service

In this modern era, ordering the ticket can be done easily that is via online. Well, there is the good service from the easybook.com that you can use. If you have the plan to have…

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